CROSSMAN Platinum Series Diamond Edge Aviation Snips



CROSSMAN Platinum Series Diamond Edge Aviation Snips

Key Features and Benefits

Blades : AHSS ( Advanced High Strength Steel ) Ultra High Tensile Strength is extremely durable.

Spring-Action : Feeds faster with less effort.

Handles : High Tensile Strength Alloy Steel, extremely strong and lightweight.

Comfort Grips : Non-slip, color coded, oil and chemical resistant.

Diamond Edge :

  1. Patented Microcrystalline Diamond Laser Cutting Edge.
  2. 10x up to 50x longer blade life “Extremely Durable”.
  3. Less force needed to cut through material “Reduces Fatigue”.
  4. 25x faster then standard carbon steel blades.
  5. Produces clean smooth cuts “Less De-burring”.
  6. Reduces frictional force making curved & round cuts fast-n-easy.
  7. No more material deformation from excessive force, serrated or dull blades.